Tajuk(s), the (noun) a minor tribe of the Tahari; they are a not actually a vassal tribe of the Aretai but they ride


with them.

Their left flank was held by the Raviri, and four minor tribes, the Ti, the Zevar, the Arani and the Tajuks.
Book 10, Tribesman: pg 307
The Tajuks are not actually a vassal tribe of the Aretai, though they ride with them. More than two hundred years ago a wandering Tajuk had been rescued in the desert by Aretai riders, who had treated him well, and had given him water and a kaiila. The man had found his way back to his own tents. Since that time the Tajuks had, whenever they heard the Aretai were gathering, and summoning tribes, come to ride with them. They had never been summoned by the Aretai, who had no right to do this, but they had never failed to come.
Book 10, Tribesman: pg 307 f.f.