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there are different types of slaves mentioned at the Gorean Book.

Slaves are also named at the Books as: Kajira, Bond maids, Thrall (male), Sa-Fora

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listing of slave designations:

Kajira Edit

Kajira is the term for female slave or "slave-girl" in John Norman's Gor novels. The phrase "la kajira" is said to mean "I am a slave-girl." in the Gorean language. Plural: Kajirae

The small, heavy lock on a girl’s slave col­lar, in­ci­den­tally, may be of sev­eral va­ri­eties, but al­most all are cylin­der locks, ei­ther of the pin or disk va­ri­ety. In a girl’s col­lar lock there would be ei­ther six pins or six disks, one each, it is said, for each let­ter in the Gorean word for fe­male slave, Ka­jira.....
Book 5, Asassins of Gor; Chapter five

Kajirus Edit

Kajirus is the term for male slave or "slave-boy" in John Norman's Gor novels. Plural: Kajiri

...the male slave, or Ka­jirus, sel­dom had a locked col­lar; nor­mally a band of iron is sim­ply ham­mered about his neck; often he works in chains, usu­ally with other male slaves; in some cities, in­clud­ing Ar, an un­chained male slave is al­most never seen; there are, in­ci­den­tally, far fewer male slaves....
Book 5, Asassins of Gor; Chapter five

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