Lesha; (position), the slave stand, thighs well parted, back straight or slightly arched, head held high, chin tilted to the left, hands at back with wrists crossed. This position is used to clip a leash onto the collar or for simple display/inspection of a slave girl.


"Lesha," snapped the second officer to the blond girl.
She spun from facing him, and lifted her chin, turning her head to the left, placing her wrists behind her, as though for snapping them into slave bracelets.
Book 13, Explorers of Gor: Page 76

The guard was behind me. "Lesha!" he said, Immediately, responsive to this command, I flung my wrists behind me, separated by some two inches, and lifted my chin, my head turned to the left.
Book 22, Dancer of Gor: Page 365

He approached the slave and indicated that she should stand. He then said, very sharply, "Lesha!"
Instantly the girl turned away from him, lifted her head, turned it to the left, and placed her small wrists, crossed, behind her back.
Book 29, Swordsmen of Gor : Page 400