Initiates, Caste of (noun); First of the High Castes regarded by the lower Castes as representatives of the Priest-Kings, the high Castes and more intellectual citizens do not take their teaching seriously, but tend to tolerate them because of their influence on the lower Caste citizens. The Initiates regard themselves as the Highest Caste. They have their own laws and courts. Their education is wholly focused on mathematics and interpretations of revelations of the Priest-Kings. The Priest -Kings themselves consider the Caste an example of the aberrations of human kind. The Initiates believe only they can achieve eternal life. Initiates do not eat meat or beans, and are celibate. Their numbers are replenished by recruiting young men to become novices. 

The Initiates see themelf as responsible for guiding the spiritual life of Goreans through their rituals and prayers to the Priest-Kings. Recognised by white robes, shaven heads and faces, and refusal to eat meat, beans, or imbibe alcohol. Required by caste codes to refuse to touch women, and women are forbidden to touch them. Tend to be learned and well-read, study mathematics for self-purification. A certain distrust between them and Scribes is mentioned.

Caste colour: White Caste

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Habit of the Initiates

My father then spoke to me of the world on which I found myself. He said, from what he could learn from the Initiates, who claimed to serve as the intermediaries of Priest-Kings to men, that the planet Gor had originally been a satellite of a distant sun, in one of the fantastically remote Blue Galaxies.
Book 1, Tarnsman of Gor: Page 32 
Oddly enough, there was little religious instruction, other than to encourage awe of the Priest-Kings, and what there was, Torm refused to administer, insisting it was the province of the Initiates. Religious matters on this world tend to be rather carefully guarded by the Caste of Initiates, who allow members of other castes little participation in their sacrifices and ceremonies.
Book 1,Tarnsman of Gor: Page 40 
I sensed that a certain distrust existed between the Caste of Scribes and the Caste of Initiates.
Book 1,Tarnsman of Gor: Page 40