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E Edit

ear piercing Edit

noun used to enhance the appearance of a slave, Free woman would never have their ears pierced

I knelt on the low wooden platform, while one of the leather workers, with a long needle, approached my face.... I closed my eyes. No anesthetic was used, for I was a slave, but it was not particularly painful.... The leather worker then went to the other side of the platform. I felt the second pain, sharp, followed by an unpleasant burning sensation. The leather worker stood up. My ears had been pierced.... He then fixed two tiny steel rods, with threaded ends, through the wounds. To each end of each of the rods he threaded a tiny steel disk, that the tiny rods might be held in the wounds. The disks and rods would be removed in four days.

Book 7, Captive: pg 157

"I see, pretty Alyena", I said, "you now wear earrings."

"He did it to me," she said. "He pierced my ears with a saddle needle."

I did not doubt it, in this out-of-the-way place. The operation, usually, of course, is performed by one of the leather workers.

"He put them on me," she said. She lifted her head, and brushed one. I could see she was proud. "They are from the plunder," she said....

"Earrings," I said to her, "by Gorean girls, are regarded as the ultimate degradation of a female, appropriate only in sensual slave girls, brazen, shameless wenches, pleased that men have forced them to wear them, and be beautiful."

"Do free women on Gor not wear earrings?" asked Alyena.

"Never," I said.

"Only slave girls?"

"Only the most degraded of slave girls," I said.

Book 10, Tribesmen: pg 138

Surely these things are symbolic as well as beautiful. The girl's lovely ears have been literally pierced; the penetrability of her sweet flesh is thus brazenly advertised upon her very body, a proclamation of her ready vulnerability, in incitement to male rapine. And when she wears the earrings, he can see the metal disappearing in the softness of her ear, literally fixed within it. Her flesh is doubly penetrated, her softness about the intruding metal, before his very eyes. The wire loop, too, or rod, when it emerges from the ear and, by one device or another, fastens the ring upon her, may suggest her bondage. Too, if the ring itself is closed, perhaps it suggests her susceptibility to the locked shackle, say, a wrist ring or slave bracelet; would there not, in the two rings, be one, so to speak, for each wrist? It is little wonder that Gorean free women never pierce their ears; it is little wonder that, in the beginning, it was only the lowest and most exciting of pleasure slaves who had their ears pierced; now, however, it is not uncommon on Gor for almost any pleasure slave to have her ears pierced; the custom of piercing the ears of a slave has now become relatively widespread; it has been done in Turia, of course, for generations. Too, of course, the ring is an obvious ornament. The girl placed in it has thus been ornamented. Ornamentation is not inappropriate in a slave. Lastly, the ring is beautiful. Thus it makes the slave more beautiful.

Book 13, Explorers: pg 201 [C] The piercing of the ears of slave girls, that they might have earrings fastened in them, was another Turian custom. It has been known on Gor before, but it was only with the flight of the escaping Turians that it had become more widespread recently.

Book 7, Captives: pg 160

Earth girls Edit

noun slave girls abducted from Earth called barbarians. They are considered among Goreans to be the lowest and hottest of slaves.

Earth girls have a reputation on Gor of being among the lowest and hottest of slaves. There are doubtless various reasons for this. Perhaps one is that Earth girls are alien to Gor and have no Home Stones. They are thus subject to unmitigated predation and total domination. They are slave animals, completely. Gorean men, accordingly, treat them as such. In turn, of course, their womanhood is reborn and blossoms, as it can only in a situation in which the order of nature both obtains and flourishes.

Book 16, Guardsman: pg 67

Eastern Way Edit

location route which links the western cities with Ar, passing through Torcodino ; sometimes called the Treasure Road

Torcodino, on the flats of Serpeto, is a crossroads city. It is located at the intersection of various routes, the genesian, connecting Brundisium and other coastal cities with the south. The Northern Salt Line and the Northern Silk Road, leading respectively west and north from the east and south, the Pilgrim's Road, leading to the Sardar, and the Eastern Way, sometimes called the Treasure Road, which links the western cities with Ar.

Book 21, Mercenaries: pg 101

eating utensils Edit

noun Gor has its own special tools used to eat with. See eating prong  , horn spoon  , and for the hungry slave, bowls  and the trough

I shot the spiced vulo brain into my mouth on the end of a golden eating prong, a utensil, as far as I knew, unique to Turia.

Book 4, Nomads: pg 84

eel Edit

fauna a voracious animal which can maim or kill a human in moments. Some varieties are edible and considered a Gorean delicacy. Varieties include: river eel, black eel, dock eel  and spotted eel.

egg, Priest-King's Edit

noun the last egg of the Mother sought by Tarl Cabot as an agent of the Priest-Kings so that they might replenish their race and keep it from extinction. It was found in plain sight, a gray, squarish, grained, leathery object in the wagon of the Tuchuk Ubar San, Kamchak

On this platform, nestled in the folds of the purple, I saw the object of my quest what I had come so far to find that for which I had risked and, apparently, lost my Life, the golden sphere. It was clearly an egg. Its longest axis was apparently about eighteen inches. It was, at its widest point, about a foot thick.

Book 4, Nomads: pg 327

eggs, vulo Edit

fauna Small eggs of the Vulo birds usually fried and served in the morning as breakfast 

The men were late to arise, and Eta sent me to the stream, with tunics, to wash upon the rocks. I was once startled by the movements of a small amphibian near me. It splashed into the water. The water was clear. I worked swiftly. The air was fresh and beautiful. Soon I smelled the frying of vulo eggs in a large, flat pan, and the unmistakable odor of coffee, or as the Goreans express it, black wine.

When the first man, yawning, sleepy and bleary-eyed, the lazy beast, stumbled to the cooking fire, we were ready for him. Eta and I knelt before him, and put our heads to the dirt at his feet. We were his girls. Eta piled several of the hot, tiny eggs, earlier kept fresh in cool sand within the cave, on a plate, with heated yellow bread, for him.

Book 11, Slave Girl: pg 73

eggs, white grunt Edit

fauna Tiny eggs served as a delicacy during banquets or feasts

There were four men and two women at these tables, other than the Lady Florence, the hostess, and her guest of the past several days, the Lady Melpomene. The tables were covered with cloths of glistening white and a service of gold. Before each guests there were tiny slices of tospit and larma, small pastries, and, in a tiny golden cup, with a small golden spoon, the clustered, black, tiny eggs of the white grunt. The first wine, a light white wine, was being deferentially served by Pamela and Bonnie.

Book 14, Fighting Slave: pg 276

ehn Edit

time the Gorean minute, of which there are 40 in an ahn (hour); it consists of 80 ihn (seconds) 

Each Ahn consists of forty Ehn, or minutes, and each Ehn of eighty Ihn, or seconds.

Book 2, Outlaw: pg 26

The Gorean day consists of twenty Ahn; the Gorean Ahn, or hour, of forty Ehn, or minutes; the Ehn consists of eighty Ihn, or seconds. An Ihn is slightly less than an Earth second.

Book 10, Tribesmen: pg 352

Einar's Skerry Edit

location See skerry of Einar     

eleven kisses Edit

noun a component of training for a pleasure slave. 

He had advertised a girl as a trained pleasure slave who, as it turned out, did not even know the eleven kisses.

Book 13, Explorers: pg 36

en Edit

number first 

It was now the month of the vernal equinox on Gor, called En`Kara, or The First kara. The full expression is En`Kara-Lar-Torvis, which means, rather literally, 'The First Turning of the Central Fire'. As might be espected there are related expressions for the months of the solstices, En`Var-Lar-Torvis and Se`Var-Lar-Torvis, or, again rather literlly, 'The First Resting' and the 'Second Resting of the Central Fire'. These, however, like the other expressions, usually occur in speech only as En`Var and Se`Var, or the First Resting and The Second Resting.

Book 2, Outlaw: pg 178

enemy Edit

noun = stranger

They are suspicious of strangers, as are Goreans generally. In Gorean the same expression is used for 'stranger' and 'enemy'.

Book 13, Explorers: pg 26

energy bulb Edit

noun light bulb

The room in which I lay was large, perhaps forty feet square, and the sleeping platform lay at one end of the room but not touching the wall. The walls were of plain dark stone with energy bulbs fixed in them; the furnishings seemed to consist mostly of two or three large chests against one wall.

Book 3, Priest-Kings: pg 33

Beyond the glass I looked into what seemed to be a Pleasure Garden, lit by energy bulbs radiant in its lofty ceiling.

Book 5, Assassin: pg 115 

 Inside, the tunnel, though dim, was not altogether dark, being lit by domelike, wire-protected energy bulbs, spaced in pairs every hundred yards or so. These bulbs, invented more than a century ago by the Caste of Builders, produce a clear, soft light for years without replacement."

Book 1, Tarnsman: pg 197 

En`Kara Edit

time the first month of the Gorean calendar, that of the vernal equinox, which is the Gorean new year; roughly equivalent to the Earth calendar month of March 

 It was now the month of the vernal equinox on Gor, called En`Kara, or the First Kara.

Month names differ, unfortunately, from city to city, but among the civilized cities, there are four months, associated with the equinoxes and solstices, and the great fairs at the Sardar, which do have common names: the months of the En`Kara, or En`Kara-Lar-Torvis; En`Var, or En`var-Lar-Torvis; Se`Kara, or Se`Kara-Lar-Torvis; and Se`Var, or Se`Var-Lar_Torvis. These however, like the other expressions, usually occur in speech only as En`Var and Se`Var, or The First Resting and The Second Resting.

Book 2, Outlaw: pg 178

"Who knows what may be the case by the month of En`Var?" asked Ho-Tu. "Or perhaps even by En`Kara?"

Book 5, Assassins: pg 78

En`Var Edit

time the fourth month of the Gorean calendar, that of the summer solstice, roughly equivalent with the Earth calendar month of June

Month names differ, unfortunately, from city to city, but among the civilized cities, there are four months, associated with the equinoxes and solstices, and the great fairs at the Sardar, which do have common names: the months of the En`Kara, or En`Kara-Lar-Torvis; En`Var, or En`var-Lar-Torvis; Se`Kara, or Se`Kara-Lar-Torvis; and Se`Var, or Se`Var-Lar_Torvis. These however, like the other expressions, usually occur in speech only as En'Var and Se'Var, or The First Resting and The Second Resting.

Book 2, Outlaw: pg 178

"Who knows what may be the case by the month of En`Var?" asked Ho-Tu. "Or perhaps even by En`Kara?"

Book 5, Assassins: pg 78 

enslavement ceremony Edit

rite a ceremony wherein a Free Woman willingly, voluntarily submits to a Master 

If a free woman would assure herself of a man's love she could not do better than, in effect, become his slave. She can beg of him, if she senses in herself the true bondage of love, an enslavement ceremony, in which she proclaims herself, and becomes, his slave. In their most secret and intimate relations thereafter she lives and loves as his slave. 

Book 18, Blood Brothers: pg 101 

equinox, autumnal Edit

time (lit. The Second Turning of the Central Fire ); the month of Autumnal Equinox is Se`Kara or The Second Kara; also called Se`Kara Lar-Torvis 

The month of the autumnal equinox is called fully Se'Kara-Lar-Torvis, but usually simply Se'Kara, The Second Kara, or the Second Turning. 

Book 2, Outlaw: pg 178

equinox, vernal Edit

time (lit. The First Turning of the Central Fire); the month of Vernal Equinox is En'Kara or the First Kara; also called En`Kara Lar-Torvis.

It was now the month of the vernal equinox on Gor, called En'Kara, or the First Kara. The full expression is En'Kara-Lar-Torvis, which means, rather literally, The First Turning of the Central Fire.

Book 2, Outlaw: pg 178

errand capsule Edit

noun unescorted slave girls may be questioned about their destination or its purpose by any Free Person. A piece of scroll rolled and inserted into an errand capsule which she carries or is hooked to her collar contains information about her errand.

These wholesalers usually distribute to retailers, in their individual cities, or, often also, in well-known slaving centers, of which there are many for example, Ar, Ko-ro-ba, Venna, Vonda, Victoria, on the Vosk, Market of Semris, Besnit, Esalinus, Harfax, Corcyrus, Argentum, Torcadino, and others.

Book 22, Dancer: pg 102  

 "Where were you enroute?" I asked.

"I do not know," she said. "I was told only that we were being taken somewhere where we could be sold to a proper slaver."

"Besnit, Esalinus or Harfax," suggested Boots.

I shrugged. "Perhaps," I said. These towns were all within a hundred pasangs of our present location. Such women could be disposed of almost anywhere, of course. Slave markets, like slaves, are common on Gor. Given the large number of slaves on Gore it is only natural that there should be an ab there should be an abundance of outlets for their handling and processing.

Book 20, Players: pg 155

eta Edit

letter a letter of the Gorean alphabet; corresponds to the Earth letter 'E'

...apparently adapted from the Greek alphabet; sometimes used as a name for slavegirls. "In Gorean," said Bosk, "the most frequently occurring letter is Eta. We might then begin by supposing that the combination of blue and red signifies an Eta."

"I was taught the alphabet beginning with Al-Ka," smiled Samos.

"As was I," said Bosk.

"Perhaps we should first have been taught Eta."

"That is not the tradition!" said Samos."

Book 11, Slave Girl: pg 383

Eta, for example, occurs two hundred times more frequently in the language than Altron....

Over forty percent of the language consists of the first five letters I mentioned, Eta, Tau, Al-Ka, Omnion, and Nu.

Book 11, Slavegirl: pg 384  


exile Edit

, ritual of noun a man being exiled for whatever reason is publicly refused bread, salt, and fire,  and is then ordered to leave the city by sundown under penalty of death. The exiled one may not come within ten pasangs  of the city from that day forward. 

The sentence of death passed over him by the usurping government of the Initiates was rescinded, but because his imperialistic ambition was feared, he was exiled from his beloved city. Such a man as Marlenus can never be second in a city, and the men of Ar were determined that he should never again be first. Accordingly, the Ubar, tears in his eyes, was publicly refused bread and salt, and, under penalty of death, was ordered to leave Ar by sundown, never again to come within ten pasangs of the city. 

Book 1, Tarnsman: pg 216

"What did she do?" asked Peggy.

I then grew again bitter. "She sold a slave of mine," I said "unknown to me and without right."

"For a man," said Peggy, "such an offense is punishable by exile."

Book 15, Rogue: pg 145 

exotic slave Edit

designation a slave male or female bred for special purposes producing quaint or unusual purposes; an example is the passion slave. 

There are various types of "exotics" bred by Gorean slavers, all of whom are to be distinguished from more normal varieties of bred slaves, such as a Passion Slaves and Draft Slaves. Exotics may be bred for almost any purpose, and some of these purposes, unfortunately, seem to be little more than to produce quaint or unusual specimens 

Book 6, Raiders: pg 15

Eye Edit

rank in the Kuriian military organization the leader of a Hand consisting of six beasts is called an 'Eye'

A typical Kurii foraging squad consists of six animals, called a "hand," with its "Eye," or leader. Two such "hands" with their "eyes," constitutes a "Kur," or "Beast."

Book 9, Marauders: pg 241

"In their military organizations," I said, "six such beasts constitute a Hand, and its leader is called an Eye"

Book 17, Savages: pg 22

eyes Edit

, of ship noun Eyes painted on a Gorean ship's figurehead, or on her prow, reflecting the Gorean seaman's belief that ships have a life of their own, and need eyes to see with

The eyes of the ship, painted on either side of the bow, would now have turned toward the opening of the harbor of Telnus. Ships of Gor, of whatever class or type, always have eyes painted on them, either in a head surmounting the prow, as in tarn ships, or, as in the Rena, as in round ships, on either side of the bow. It is the last thing that is done for the ship before it is first launched. The painting of the eyes reflects the Gorean seaman's belief that the ship is a living thing. She is accordingly given eyes, that she may see her way.

Book 6, Raiders: pg 182